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Welcome to the GeoSerum experience! We believe it is important to note that we are congruent
with the Organic movement, with neither nitrogen nor phosphorus synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides, but we go a step further with a focus on the nutrient density of produce and feed.
GeoSerum is proud to offer a “complete protocol” like no other. Your soil will not require, and we request that you do not add, anything else. Our system of products are designed to work together, to provide an entourage effect, and it is important that nothing else is used in addition to it, unless we coordinate with you directly to be sure it does not affect the protocol. In other words, our system includes the biologics, minerals, humic and fulvic acids, and many other things your soil needs to come to life and thrive. If it is not used according to instruction, you will not receive the results you desire, and for which we are known. 
The industry is moving to ‘soil management,’ and away from synthetic fertilizers that require an ever increasing amount each year. Similar to the medical field moving to taking your blood periodically to customize your health protocols. We, like modern doctors, recommend testing your soil as you do your blood, and customizing your health protocols to your specific status and condition. While general principles apply to all of us for health, it’s important to follow the protocols specifically to get the proven results that have been tested and confirmed by third parties. 
We are 100% committed to our customers and their satisfaction. We ask you to commit to our relationship together so that if you do not experience what you expect and we have represented, we will work together to resolve those issues directly, reasonably, and without delay. In other words, call us first, don’t just complain or say things did not work, let’s dig in and resolve things so that you get the GeoSerum experience and our proven results. We commit to success always. 
We commit to an open flow of information and ask that we be able to share your results as well. By getting the word out, and exchanging information, we believe we all benefit. That being said, we will honor the proprietary information or secrets you share with us, and we ask you to do the same. 
We promise that you will receive the results you are looking for and that we will do what we say we will do. Together we can produce extremely nutrient-dense food and feed, and support healthy people and their animals. 



Geo:SolveTM Soluble Mineral Flakes are a proprietary blend of magnesium, potassium and calcium, with many trace minerals and fulvic and humic acids. The minerals feed soil microbes, which then promote mineral uptake essential for strong and robust plants. The acids improve soil structure and increase moisture retention and use, for better soil and plants.


Geo:BiologicTM Solution provides beneficial soil microbes to improve the life of the soil. The microbes make soil minerals bioavailable, supporting plant growth and increasing nutritional value.


Geo:FoliarTM Spray contains bioavailable magnesium, sulfur and potassium for an early or mid- season boost for robust plants. The spray includes many trace elements for increased plant resilience.

For Better Soil & Plant Health